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Edmonton International Airport is a prime location for your air-cargo or related business. Consider all the advantages.

State-of-art services and facilities:

  • Rapid customs services and bonded warehousing for international cargo.
  • Runways and aprons regularly accommodate the world's largest cargo aircraft such as the AN 124.
  • Expertise in moving heavy and outsized loads for the oil, gas and oil sands industries.
  • EIA offers full support services, equipment and facilities to ensure efficient movement of shipments, aircraft and crew.
  • 24-hour airport. Edmonton International Airport offers 24-hour access year-round with no operational or noise restrictions.
  • EIA is an official Canadian airport for the entry and exit of all classes of international air traffic and has 24-hour customs.
  • EIA's aviation fees, warehousing and real estate rates, handling charges, fuel costs and trucking rates are among the lowest in Canada.
  • EIA is located within minutes of Nisku Industrial Park, Alberta's principal highways and two intermodal rail yards that provide inland and marine container service.

Cargo services available at EIA:

  • 11 airlines
  • Eight integrated couriers/freighter carriers
  • Three independent cargo handlers
  • More than 40 freight forwarders and customs brokers
  • Six cargo-handling terminals (including 3 with coolers/freezers)

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